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The cathedral , started in but abandoned around , was eventually finished in not just as a place of worship but also as a German national monument celebrating the newly founded German empire and the continuity of the German nation since the Middle Ages. In the s and s Cologne's economy prospered for two main reasons. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In stark contrast, however, the colony had a school and hospital in the enclave which offered support to rural families through free education and health services. The democratic parties lost the local elections in Cologne in March to the Nazi Party and other right wing parties. Rur with Aachen French: Social housing projects were considered exemplary and were copied by other German cities. The same happened in many other German cities in the last two years of war. Due to the free status of Cologne, the archbishops were usually not allowed to enter the city.

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However, these first allegations were rejected by politicians and were emphatically denied due to their ties with the management of the Colony in their preparation of the military coup of September 11, , as demonstrated later in Chilean court cases. In under Constantine a bridge was built over the Rhine at Cologne. Cologne was home to the th Infantry Regiment and the 26th Artillery Regiment. By the end of the 12th century, the Archbishop of Cologne was one of the seven electors of the Holy Roman Emperor. This would, ultimately, create support in case the colony was attacked. This was not completed until The Allies dropped 44, These two trade routes were the basis of Cologne's growth. Craftsmanship was organised by self-administering guilds, some of which were exclusive to women. The Nazis then arrested the Communist and Social Democrats members of the city assembly, and Mayor Adenauer was dismissed. The cathedral , started in but abandoned around , was eventually finished in not just as a place of worship but also as a German national monument celebrating the newly founded German empire and the continuity of the German nation since the Middle Ages. Thus this region later became part of Napoleon's Empire. By the end of the war, essentially all of Cologne's pre-war Jewish population of 11, had been deported or killed by the Nazis. Problem observed[ edit ] The colony intended to project to the outside world an image of harmony, order and an inclusive system of communal work. By the end of , however, the population had already recovered to approximately , The reconstruction lasted until the s, when the Romanesque church of St. Severe discipline in the forms of beatings and torture was commonplace: He quickly acquired great influence over his members, who had to perform hard farm work without pay. In , the archbishops of Cologne first gained noteworthy secular power, when bishop Bruno was appointed as duke by his brother Otto I , King of Germany. In architect and urban planner Rudolf Schwarz called Cologne the "world's greatest heap of rubble". Cologne was the focus of the New Year's Eve sexual assaults , with over women reporting that they were sexually assaulted by persons of African and Arab appearance. Sex was banned, with some residents forced to take drugs to reduce their desires. These soldiers were part of the Army of the Holy Roman Empire "Reichskontingent" and fought in the wars of the 17th and 18th century, including the wars against revolutionary France, when the small force was almost completely wiped out in combat. In , during the Kulturkampf , Archbishop Paul Melchers was imprisoned before taking asylum in the Netherlands. Significantly, the number of votes cast for the Nazi Party in Reichstag elections had always been the national average.

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Industrialisation changed the city and spurred its growth.

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