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It is thought to relate to excessive contraction of the head and neck musculature that occurs prior to orgasm. While some people experience a "pre-orgasmic headache" that slowly builds up, others describe a sudden splitting headache at or near the moment of orgasm. Drug management can be offered. It most often occurs during sexual activity with the usual partner but also occurs during masturbation. Sudden-onset headache reaching maximum intensity within five minutes Seadaches triggered by cough, sneeze or Valsalva manoeuvre. This is particularly the case on the first occurrence. Researchers believe, however, that the condition may be more common, since patients are often too embarrassed to discuss it with their doctors.

Coital headaches

This can be used on a preventative basis. Other options include propranolol hydrochloride Inderal and naratriptan Amerge ; all these drugs work best when taken prior to sexual activity, studies have shown. In one study, out of 45 patients who had experienced single attacks or bouts prior to baseline examination, 37 had no further attacks. Attacks may be intermittent and mild, or so severe as to preclude coitus. It is believed to be caused by low CSF pressure secondary to a dural tear following the physiological stress of coitus and is identical to the headache seen after lumbar puncture. It can be in the occipital region, behind the eyes, or in a more generalised form and occurs at the point of orgasm. Doctors stress it's important to immediately seek medical attention in the event of any sudden, powerful headache. It is rare in children but a case in a boy of 12 has been reported. Headaches triggered by exercise. It is, however considered to be a secondary headache attributed to spontaneous or idiopathic low CSF pressure and is coded under secondary headache. Severe headaches related to sexual activity have also been reported by teens and by people watching pornography. It is the most common type of headache associated with sexual activity. Wavebreakmedia Ltd Dreamstime To medical experts, it's known as coital cephalgia, an intense, searing headache that's brought on by sexual activity. This is generally benign and self-limiting but clearly requires investigation. Sudden-onset 'thunderclap' headaches represent subarachnoid haemorrhage even in the absence of associated symptoms in 1 in 10 cases. There is a 3: Occurrence is not dependent on specific sexual habits. The age of onset peaks between years and again between years. Careful history and examination are essential, but neuroimaging is often required and there should be a low threshold for doing this. Migraine is commonly comorbid with exertion headaches and coital headaches, and some patients with coital headache may have reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndromes. Fortunately, there are medical treatments for the condition: Neural hypersensitivity, similar to migraine, may also play a role. Introduction[ 1 , 2 ] Primary sexual headache is headache associated with sexual activity. Seven patients experienced at least one further bout with an average duration of 2. An aneurysm, brain tumor , stroke, spinal disease or cerebral hemorrhage can also cause a severe headache and must be ruled out before coital cephalgia can be accurately diagnosed, according to the British Journal of Medical Practitioners. Men are three to four times more likely to be diagnosed with coital cephalgia, and the headaches are more likely to be experienced by those who also suffer from migraines , according to the British Journal of Medical Practitioners.

Coital headaches

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Coital Cephalgia

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Several theories have been put forth to explain the underlying mechanism of primary sexual headache. It may appear suddenly, last for many months or years and stop abruptly It may occasionally occur on a regular basis for several months or, rarely, years.

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