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If the patient has difficulty urinating after delivery, the catheterization procedure may need to be modified. The practice has served to differentiate the "decent" circumcised and infibulated woman form prostitutes and slaves. Health and social concerns are shared from the perspectives of circumcised women. She laughs so hard, that eventually, she falls off her chair. My husband held one leg and forced my mother to hold the other leg while the Ostha-Maami cut me. They are women who have been deprived of virtually all of their external genitalia; their culture places severe penalties on any interest in sex on their part, and they are not allowed any movement during the sexual act. Nursing Implications Nurses can incorporate the information provided in this article in a variety of ways to improve their practice and better meet the needs of the infibulated patient and her family. The Ethiopian and Eritrean women, aged 30 to 52 years, had circumcisions ranging from removal of the clitoral foreskin to infibulation.

Circed woman

I have little doubt that before such a change can come about, the place of women in these societies will need to undergo considerable change. Among these delayed effects are complications related to urinary and menstrual blockages, impairment of the birth process, fistula and inclusion cysts. She is ok now, but I am still angry because my daughter was hurt. The practice of female circumcision has been described within its cultural context. For example, the patient may find it difficult to discuss the subject of her circumcision with a Westerner, especially regarding her submissiveness to the custom. The infibulation is, in effect, a chastity belt of thick fibrous scar tissue. When the marriage is a love match, they experience frequent and intense orgasm. I get very definitive "Yes", 'That is where I have the strongest feeling of pleasure. References Prisoners of Ritual: Only once in a while will a woman who has just told me that she uses the smoke ceremony daily, deny that she enjoys intercourse. Most of us here could not have kept up with her. I told her only boys undergo sunnat. A young nurse came in with a tray, carrying a razor, soap and a bowl of water. I gain some insight into how they have done this when I ask them what parts of their bodies are most sensitive. I have smelled this odour many times before in Sudan, walking down the street, on public conveyances, emanating from huts or houses, in market places, anywhere where there are women. I have only pain and fear. They had never seen anything like it before. While delay in arousal and orgasmic infrequency can often be more or less accurately perceived by a sex partner, we must nonetheless have some reservations regarding the validity of a lowered orgasmic intensity. And why by necessity? At marriage, penetration is achieved when the bridegroom either rips, cuts or stretches the infibulation open. It didn't make any difference to me. He noted that he could smell a woman who had performed the smoke ceremony over more than yards away. They weren't going to photograph my face, after all. The care of the wound is the same as that for an episiotomy. They are performed more or less openly by midwives, less by nurses, occasionally and in secret by doctors. They also tell me that it would be terribly shameful to be anything other than totally immobile. The remaining outer edges are brought together so that when the wound heals, the edges fuse together to leave only a pinhole-size opening, barely adequate for urinination and menstruation.

Circed woman

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Circumcised vs Uncircumcised

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Detailed information on female circumcision in the Western literature, aside from several eyewitness accounts of the procedures themselves and a number of gynaecological reports on their medical consequences, has to date been quite sparse. When I first begin to interview women, they generally leave me with the impression that they have little or no interest in sex themselves.

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