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However, he may still be digging gravel out of his legs!! I started grade school in January after turning six in November. I had been waiting all day Friday to get an update from my mom and that update came as a phone call that Bill entered into heaven face to face with his Creator. I can say "little", only because he was 19 months younger that I was, so I really don't remember very much about our first few years. How thankful I am that he didn't start a meeting, a sing, a fun time without a word of prayer. He was so good to Laurie and I. His humor was contagious. Then by all means do not hesitate to write. I truly believe God places people on our hearts when He wants us to pray for them.

Christian gwinn

Whitworth was good to him, as that is where he and Colette met and were married after Bill's first year at Fuller Seminary. We would debrief the day's events and talk about the plans for the next day. Every part of the time was a wonderful tribute to him, to you, Colette, and to your family. The last interaction my 17 year old sister Sarah had with Uncle Bill was getting a surprise letter from him during her Junior Trip. I was a child at the time but he always remembered my name and had a hug and a smile for me. And when I wept in his presence after his death, I did not say goodbye. My favorite uncle without a doubt!! How we thank God for the rich memories of Bill. Our remembrances of Bill are all of respect and appreciation. So much to reflect on and so much to be thankful for. I guess now, it's not him, but everyone else who can use the prayers I believe a youth pastor could have not had a finer senior pastor to work under. Bill was my role model, I wanted to be like him and dreamed of one day directing a camp and serving people, which the Lord did allow. Later, the nurse recounted what happened. Mollie Miller May 12, Tennis matches with Casey, Bill, Ken and myself often lasting until fatigue prevailed at 16 to 15! The Valley Press Felton newspaper once said that football games at SLV were like a Norman Rockwell painting, and having my Dad there to share those events with me is a special memory to have. After the first year, our Mother bought us a Ford, that was the last car built until after the World War two was over. I am now the only living sibling of the eight of us. Then by all means do not hesitate to write. What a day of rejoicing it will be when we all meet up once again in heaven!!! By then Bill was going to Whitworth College and trying to decide what he would do after that. Then our life together in physical proximity took a hiatus. Bill stood with me, and used the difficulty to teach and train. Bill was consistently loyal to his administrative staff and backed us in every possible way. He knew all their names and was genuinely interested in their activities. As a young and inexperienced director of what became known as Hi-Camp, Bill became an exceptionally helpful mentor.

Christian gwinn

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They gave us their Hot Wheels among other things as Christmas presents. It was also a joy to spend time with you during those summers, Melissa, and to now be your friend and sister in the LORD.

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