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While it is possible to gravity feed the Chillzilla, using a brew pump like a Chugger Pump is recommended. The all metal construction allows sanitation to be accomplished by boiling, heating or use of traditional sanitizers such as Star-San. I also pre-chill the cooling water using my IC in a bucket of ice water so my 5-gal batches are down to pitching temp when the wort hits the carboy. I use a steel braid in my kettle, and that does a great job of keeping cones out. Where did you find that monster?


It can take 14 gal of wort from boiling to 62F in less than 6 minutes, easy. A 5 gallon batch can be cooled to ale pitching temperatures in 10 minutes or less, depending on chilling water temperatures. It hasn't been a problem for me with ales. Any all-metal CFC can be sterilized in the oven with dry heat. Use one in the Winter. I would love to have one, but I'm almost scared to ask how much it cost. I've had it for years and have had zero problems. In addition to its tough copper construction, Chillzilla includes a tube-in-tube design, where cold water flows through the outer tube in one direction, while hot wort flows through a twisted inner copper tube in the opposite direction. You could also make your own all-copper CFC, but I've heard that with the price of copper it is still expensive. If there is a delay, we'll let you know ASAP. Just PM me if interested. You've never truly chilled until you've chilled with the Chillzilla! See the Chillzilla manual on the product documentation tab for more info on the additional components needed to use the Chillzilla. Now I would go with 2 Shirrons or similar plate chillers from Duda Diesel for the same price as either a Therminator or Chillziilla. It has several unique features that set it apart from lesser chillers. With proper care it works great in my gravity-fed system. While it is possible to gravity feed the Chillzilla, using a brew pump like a Chugger Pump is recommended. I brew in 3 converted kegs and use a pump so I just set it up in-line with my pump and hoses to clean with hot PBW after the brew. We're a family run business with a focus on service! The Chillzilla also uses very little water, yet is quite effective at doing its job! I can easily chill from boiling to 68 degrees using Minnesota tap water in just a few minutes. Only time I really have trouble is very heavily pils-based beers and using lots of pellets. Fast Shipping In-stock orders in by noon usually ship out same day! Easy to clean, with no crud getting stuck. Give us a call for any returns. Shipping would be pricey to the west coast, but it still may end up costing you less than a chillzilla for twice the cooling length.


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21.07.2018 at 10:12 pm

I would love to have one, but I'm almost scared to ask how much it cost. Use one in the Winter.

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