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Congress has enacted tougher penalties and expanded current federal health insurance fraud laws to cover all payers. The global economy is igniting huge insurance money-laundering schemes, often involving fake insurers that bilk people out of millions. But, hey, it fooled Fox News. Canino, a regional attorney from the EEOC Dallas District Office, "just because the creator of Cheaters promotes a TV show business which thrives on featuring sexual transgressions, it is no justification for engaging in sexual improprieties which violate the employment rights of his female employees behind the scenes. Combine all the various versions, remixes and parodies and Angry German Kid is up in Soulja Boy territory, with views in the tens of millions.

Cheaters staged

Stand up, stretch, open the curtains. The NICB is increasing the number of fraud convictions by gathering detailed data about suspected fraud crimes, and referring them for prosecution. One boy died and the other was permanently scarred. The Health system is an easy target. Graphic footage from the investigators—for example, the suspect and their companion engaged in a sexual act—is shown uncensored to the complainant but digitally blurred to the show's viewers; however, uncensored versions of the trysts have been released on DVD. Thousands of investors, many of them retirees left almost penniless, were financially devastated when National Heritage Life Insurance Co. When you type that address into your browser, you get nothing but a page of text saying the video was staged, with the " After contacting the detective on his cell phone to find out their whereabouts, the host and the complainant, along with a full crew of production personnel all carrying 35 mm cameras, and security personnel travel in a van and seek out and confront the alleged cheater. Would not one even fall back over a chair in one's startlement? Well, the quickest way to detect bullshit in these videos is to pay attention to the behavior of the camera operator. Six years after it appeared, it's still making the rounds that copy on YouTube up there is fairly recent, and still has half a million views and a thousand comments. On November 3, , Inside Edition reiterated the claim that the show was staged, citing several more actors who said they were paid to appear. The alleged perpetrators included members of upper management. That's journalism right there, ladies and gentlemen. Tara died in her crib just two weeks after Abdelhaq took out a life policy on the child. In a follow-up, aired on Inside Edition the following week November 9, , Greco was interviewed by investigative reporter Matt Meagher about the previous week's accusations. The guy who uploaded it has long abandoned the account, and his only other video is this one of he and his friend riding bicycles. Confrontations also have the potential to end badly, as one episode during Joey Greco's tenure when he was stabbed during a confrontation. You may be set up for a staged accident. Sure enough, a couple of weeks after the video made its way around the net, TMZ. Lastly, the narrator describes what became of the complainant, the suspect and the companion and in rare cases, others that may also be involved after the show. For you aspiring staged viral video makers, the lesson is clear: In , G4 began showing a version edited with a faster pace to each segment. Apparently he answered well enough, because a few weeks later he got the call that he'd been chosen to host an episode. The sheer number of patients and treatments plus complexity of billing attract cons who are skilled at looting our overworked health care system.

Cheaters staged

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The Justice Department began sharing with health insurers its own field intelligence about health frauds with health insurance companies in

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