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We sought marriage counseling, only to be told our communication was mainly fine and we seemed very happy — when we did actually spend time together. She has an intimacy disorder. In one survey, Undercover Lovers, a UK-based extramarital dating site, surveyed 4, of its members, approximately 2, men and 2, women, about their cheating habits. And the Survey Says When you give excuses instead of facing the problem between you and your spouse it gives room for infidelity. If your partner find you boring and someone else makes him happy out there, then it may gradually lead to infidelity. Some women have unrealistic expectations about what a long-term spouse or partner should offer them emotionally and in other ways. In truth, some women cheat because they receive little sex or physical intimacy from their spouse. Ashley Madison and similar companies have successfully utilized modern technology to monetize infidelity.

Causes of infidelity in marriage

Getting married for the wrong reason If you got into your marriage based on reasons that are not right, very soon you will get tired of that partner and it can lead to infidelity if not well managed. Before casting the blame, take a close look at those things that causes infidelity so you can either work on it or avoid it. Long distance Staying apart in marriage can lead to infidelity. What Is Cheating Today? This habitual pattern was physically killing me. To avoid infidelity in the marriage of older spouses, they need to exercise and take good care of their body so they can be strong and able to satisfy each other sexually. The keeping of secrets, especially sexual secrets, ruins relationship trust, and betrayal causes pain regardless of gender and regardless of the woman's reasons for breaking her vow or commitment. He has provided sexual addiction treatment training internationally for psychology professionals, addiction treatment centers, and the US military. In one survey, Undercover Lovers, a UK-based extramarital dating site, surveyed 4, of its members, approximately 2, men and 2, women, about their cheating habits. Western cultural stereotypes are more forgiving of a man having recreational sex stud versus how we tend to view a woman doing the same slut. If a couple chooses to address the situation together, couples counseling can turn a relationship crisis into a growth opportunity. When their human and imperfect partner inevitably fails them, they feel justified in seeking attention elsewhere. No muss, no fuss, just the sex thank you very much. Adultery is not a misstep, oversight, or a mistake. For these couples, solid, neutral relationship therapy can help ease the pain of a long overdue separation. What could have been an easy fix is now complete destruction. Silence Silence creates distance between couples. Sadly, some women may not realize how profoundly their secretive sexual or romantic behavior can affect the long-term emotional life of a trusting male spouse or partner. Such women repeatedly seek emotional intensity rather than relational intimacy. Boring relationship Your marriage should be interesting if you want it to last. The generally more fragile male ego leads men's thoughts away from even considering they may be cheated upon. Female relationship and sex addicts use a constant stream of sexual activity to fulfill unmet emotional needs, and also to avoid being needful, genuine, and intimate with someone who could hurt them as happened when they were when young. If the woman in question turns out to have a problem with sex or love addiction, she will require specialized treatment to address both past trauma and her adult sexual behavior patterns. Infidelity applies more to marriage than other aspects of life. Weiss is a clinical psychotherapist and educator.

Causes of infidelity in marriage

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Causes of infidelity in marriage

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Silence Silence creates distance between couples.

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