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Kafka said she was very pleased with the silent auction. And it will grow. In his homily, Msgr. The theme of Catholic Challenge Sports — mind, body and soul — has become the overarching theme for City on a Hill, Kafka said. So, Sisterhood small groups was formed to give young women the opportunity to strengthen their faith and develop stronger virtues in their lives, as well as form genuine friendships with other young women though group study, fellowship and accountability.

Catholic singles kansas city

A relatively new initiative, Reservoir, a monthly holy hour for young adults, is held at St. Brad Offutt, chancellor of the diocese, was the celebrant. They are growing in their faith. In his homily, Msgr. There will be good fruit, a strong young adult community in our diocese. Faith permeates everything we do. City on a Hill adults live in this world but not of this world. Whether or not they embrace priesthood or religious life, they will be strong, good husbands and wives, and replenish the community with children in the future. Small groups of six to eight women, meet several Tuesdays each month. There is always a risk at the front end of something new, but I am elated with the result. The first holy hour only received three days of advertising, yet 35 young men and women showed up for Mass and the holy hour, followed by small group discussions, dinner and night prayer. On the third Tuesday of each month, young men and women gather at Sacred Heart Guadalupe Church for Mass after work or classes. New people are coming in and want to be plugged into the ministry, what it has to offer. We now serve about young adults each month through our programs. How good can it get? One of the founders, Matt Maes, said that the sports challenge creates a community of young adults who feel welcomed by their church, a church that serves their needs. These guys stay close to God in the sacraments, and truly live their faith. Now led by Ferd Niemann, young men, students and professionals, meet regularly in the UMKC neighborhood twice a month on Tuesdays. Topics of conversation include accountability, ways of living a virtuous life, prayer and worship. City on a Hill strives hard to meet people where they are. They are accountable to each other. While he lets God do the talking when it comes to vocations, Father Rocha is there to provide the sacraments to the young folks. Kafka said that people usually attended. They have the opportunity to pray the Rosary as a group or go to confession before the liturgy. Offered monthly at the Well in Waldo, Theology on Tap is an evening of food and drink, fellowship and a chance to learn about the relevancy of Catholic Church teaching in daily life.

Catholic singles kansas city

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These guys stay close to God in the sacraments, and truly live their faith.

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