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What medium to you use? Sign up on the Unovest blog to receive fresh posts as also download my eBooks. You can upload your existing holdings and transact in them, you can make fresh investments of direct plans of mutual funds. Reach your financial goals, faster. It took me less than 5 minutes to complete this transaction. I need a solution where I can invest in the direct plans online in any scheme I wish to invest in.


Everything else was super quick including the net banking payment. That is going to bring out the true power of this app for you and me, as investors. It is free of cost. I believe it pulled out the information from my other investment folios that existed. My problem with investing in mutual funds — is it yours too? All you need is a Common Account Number. You can add the nominees upto 3 to your folio. Sundaram BNP Paribas also has a mobile app. There are solutions that have emerged over time, with their own pros and cons. They need to fund their business needs too. I liked this additional security feature. Direct investing in mutual funds is super easy now. It is so good. Between you and me: Of course, my KYC has already been done. Alternatively, you can invest online in direct plans through the websites of each of the fund houses. Basically, when you invest in a mutual fund, it is likely that the processing of the transaction is going to be done by one of the RTAs. They also offer Investor Services for the customers of the mutual funds. As you might know, direct plans have lower costs because they save on the commissions and hence deliver better returns than the regular plans. The words super-easy and convenient are truly applicable to this app from CAMS. Reach your financial goals, faster. Google Play Store Android app: Unovest is now live. How do you invest in mutual funds? Most banks too offer an online investing facility in mutual funds. If you do not have a valid KYC, you will not be allowed to do a new investment by creating a new folio.


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09.01.2018 at 10:12 pm

Why direct investing in mutual funds? The connectivity is real fast.

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