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He has too much going on to focus on buying a ring. You never want to feel like someone married you because you threatened to leave them. What I got was nada. Thankfully, I am confident that my boyfriend really does want the same thing, though there is a part of me that's worried that my obsession might be turning him off to the whole institution of marriage. That doesn't do much good for either of you. Sometimes he brings up his ex-girlfriend. That is, assuming he still wants to walk down the aisle after reading this. It's like someone fired a starter pistol and I've been running around without a map, desperately trying to find my way to the altar.

Boyfriend won t propose

I've made it clear to my boyfriend, my friends and practically everyone I come in contact with that I want the down-on-one-knee, little velvet box and sparkly ring engagement circus. What I got was nada. With this level of crazy, when I find the altar, I'll probably be there alone. Does he talk about growing old with you? There are a few common reasons why men are sometimes slow to pull the trigger in situations like this. Then I met my current boyfriend and everything changed. He has too much going on to focus on buying a ring. People need to grow into it, not be forced into it. Is there an aspect of your relationship that gives him serious pause? That part of the journey needs to be taken alone and so he can meet me at the finish line on his own terms. What makes this a perilous position is the building resentment that tends to come with it. If he gets down on one knee and proposes right then and there which is unlikely , then you can face that challenge and opportunity at that time. Now where's my ring? I've been at this "is he or isn't he" crossroad before and frankly, I never saw myself as the marrying type, let alone fathomed what a husband would be like. Hopefully, repeating that to myself will quell the Crazy and keep my inner Bridezilla subdued until he proposes because I really want that ring. I'm starting to become resentful and anxious. JENN, I felt ready to get engaged to my boyfriend about six months after meeting him. You won't be expecting it but out of nowhere, you have to ask: I always wanted a wedding, but I figured it would be a spectacular event with my gay best friend playing the role of groom. Mix that with actually being head-over-heels in love and it's a dangerous concoction. Sometimes he brings up his ex-girlfriend. Have you discussed the possibility of children? Then, frustration set in. Deep down, I really don't want to pressure my loving, kind and understanding boyfriend into proposing before he is ready. The next, I openly and proudly told my boyfriend that I had chosen bridesmaids dresses, venues and flowers.

Boyfriend won t propose

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Should You Ultimatum Your Man? What to do when he won't Propose... w/ Laurel House

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JENN, I felt ready to get engaged to my boyfriend about six months after meeting him.

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