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A notable occurrence of severe flooding occurred in March after torrential rains caused a rapid rise of many local waterways, displacing upwards of people from their homes across the area. Shed Road[ edit ] Shed Road, the first all-weather turnpike in the American South , was constructed in the s and operated from to The Louisiana-Arkansas Railroad was completed on November 2, During the war, Barksdale trained pilots, navigators, and bombardiers. It was located where the Texas Trail crossed the Red River.

Bossier city la area code

Civil War[ edit ] During the Civil War , companies of Confederate soldiers shipped out of Cane's Landing aboard steamboats for distant battlefields. Through the years, Bossier City expanded, eventually encompassing the area surrounding the base. By , more than wagons a week passed through Bossier City, many intending to settle in Texas. In , the census listed the population at around 6, The northern city limits are noticeably more hilly than the rest of the city. A fire on June 23, , consumed one-half of downtown Bossier City. The advantages brought by black gold fueled many civic, social and economic improvements. Fort Smith protected the area from an eastern invasion. Several international oil companies are located here. The city has a slightly above average rate of tornadoes when compared to the US average. Cane hosted hundreds of Confederate officers and troops who were heading off to war. They ran a trading post across the river on what was then Caddo Indian Land, a portion called "Bennett's Bluff". Stockwell sold lots in This land was annexed by the city of Shreveport and donated to the federal government see [Military] section below. Hoyer continued to reside in what is known as the Bliss-Hoyer House in Shreveport's Highland neighborhood. Bennett gave birth to the first white baby of the area, William Smith Bennett Jr. The loss spurred civic improvements including a modern water system capable of fighting such fires, a new City Hall, a modern fire alarm system, modern sidewalks and the first city park. The "golden spike" commemorated the completion of the east-west Vicksburg, Shreveport and Pacific Railroad. The area grew quickly, as did transportation through it. Cane City was said as being incorporated by former Governor Newton C. The first unit assigned to Barksdale was the 20th Pursuit Group. The discovery of crude oil, to the south, in , thrust Bossier City into the nationwide oil boom. It was the first such spike to be driven by a woman. The plantation loading and unloading dock later was recorded as Cane's Landing in the old ferry log books. Many small waterways flow through the city, such as Flat River and Red Chute Bayou, which provide drainage for many areas of the city. Local citizens were unable to battle the blaze.

Bossier city la area code

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A notable occurrence of severe flooding occurred in March after torrential rains caused a rapid rise of many local waterways, displacing upwards of people from their homes across the area. The land on which the base is built was unincorporated property south of Bossier City in

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