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So long as the economy keeps chugging along nicely, these issues become even more paramount. If the public's assessment of that tenure is called into question, then the value of that job experience is diminished. New Benghazi committee pursuing Clinton Smoking gun or partisan nonsense? Republicans in Congress name a committee to investigate Benghazi She says Democrats would make a mistake if they go through with boycott of panel Political subtext of Benghazi probe is GOP effort to get voters to turn out in November, she says Borger: And the truth is that mistakes were made, everyone is somehow to blame and four people are dead who should not have died. It's a terrible mess. It's as simple as that. Why play into GOP hands? If Democrats skip the hearings, they lose their influence, access to evidence CNN -- No doubt about it, Republicans have latched on to a red hot potato when it comes to the controversy of who-did-what-when in Benghazi.

Borger dems

But there's a more immediate political play here. If you don't participate, you can't defend. They believe it's a witch hunt, and they don't want to participate. Sure, there's a danger of overreach. Candidates just need to get their party's loyalists to turn out. It's a terrible mess. They will be uninformed about witnesses, strategies, subpoenas. This time, it's the Democrats who are crying foul, and they're threatening to boycott the committee. Trouble is, it could lead them nowhere. So if the Democrats decide to boycott the committee, it's at their own risk. This is a play for November. And if you can't defend -- or explain -- you lose. For Republicans, Motivator No. That job is one of the major line items on her resume. Bill Clinton and impeachment. In presidential elections, there's often a huge public appetite for a more forward-looking and affirmative candidate with a plan and a positive message and vision. In presidential years, the candidates are about the business of persuading independent voters to give them a shot. It's as simple as that. If the Democrats boycott, they may see themselves taking the high road. So now comes a congressional inquiry -- a new panel with 7 GOPers and 5 Democrats. Ambassador Susan Rice was about to go on Sunday shows to discuss the event. So long as the economy keeps chugging along nicely, these issues become even more paramount. In midterm elections, it's about the partisans. New Benghazi committee pursuing Clinton Smoking gun or partisan nonsense? They will lose out on the conversation, no matter how silly they think it is. The awful story of a terrible embassy attack, a botched aftermath and finger-pointing about what more could have been done has already been the subject of an exhaustive internal State Department investigation and congressional hearings.

Borger dems

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