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Get there early and wear some SPF. The smiley stickers should be used as a strategic pick-up trick. The chances of your phone getting destroyed on a typical black out night are already high. The same thing goes for public urination. And if you absolutely must bring it put it in a ziplock bag and leave it in your pocket as much as possible. The barn is now so successful that it only opens on Sundays from 4pm-8pm and is rumored to sell more beer in that short window of time than Yankee Stadium does in an entire season. This includes piggyback rides, shoulders, running leaps and even passionate hugs.

Boardy barn stickers

You might think the ideal scenario is a hot sunny day but the truth it that it gets even better if there is a downpour. People will stomp and splash and your feet are going to get covered. Stay a little while longer.. The staff wears orange so you cannot. Pin it and share with friends! At Boardy Barn its not only socially acceptable — its encouraged! All bodily functions should take place in the bathroom. Hampton Bays, New York Why: If you think you can get past these slight aversions, go for it. Come armed with cash. Things only get better when it rains. Order as many beers as possible. Is all that chugging starting to catch up with you? Do not wear orange. Lifting someone up is another sure way to get the boot. Get ready to sing-a-long to classic crowd favorites like Brown Eyed Girl, Sweet Caroline and a personal favorite- Shout. Plus girls love drunkenly standing around in circles screaming the lyrics making it easy for you to step in the center and make eleven new, hot, drunk friends. The smiley stickers should be used as a strategic pick-up trick. Create endless memories while you visit Boardy barn without missing your daily essential work by accessing your online private work space on hosted xendesktop at cheapest xendesktop pricing powered by www. This post contains sponsored links. He then spent the rest of the day sobering up in the parking lot. If you do find an ATM expect a hefty fee. Stock up on strips of stickers. A Boozefest of sorts. Head to the pizza counter.

Boardy barn stickers

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Boardy Barn Party Train Olympics

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Garbage cans are pretty rare so most girls just stack their plastic cups after finishing a beer.

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