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Her dish itself was a winner: Down load for FREE! Have you ever had tiger nut milk? The bar, along one of the long walls, has an inverted canoe above it. Entres are prepared from seasonal and local offerings that are presented in an artistic manner.

Birch on elm manchester nh

They offer culinary fusion, which brings together different cuisines under one roof. The choice of music and setting where casual and fun while the product that was delivered, being the food, drink, and service were all executed to perfection. Their menu is color coded to make for easy ordering. The Birch on Elm—Opened May Elm St, Manchester, New Hampshire The Birch on Elm is a new American style restaurant that serves hand crafted cocktails, globally inspired small plates and a variety of entres that are creative and delicious. We can help you find your perfect place. We drew inspiration from some of our favorite spots to eat and drink from cities like Boston and New York. We are proud to push our city towards the future and show other young entrepreneurs that this city has a bright future and that taking a risk in being different can set you apart and have you stand out to whatever customer base you are trying to attract. Planning a visit in the warmer season? As a company we are very proud to push everyone in the area slightly out of there comfort zone to try new things and have an open mind to a different dining experience then they are accustomed to. The Birch on Elm stayed true to its menu pledge, even if that meant our entrees arrived close to 10 minutes apart. The Gale Motor Company is one that should not be missed as it offers a warm interior and delicious food. Dining in Manchester is always a changing environment. Has it been a smooth road? Down load for FREE! More in the mood for a lunch. The restaurant seats nearly 50, about a third at the bar, the rest at tables. The bar, along one of the long walls, has an inverted canoe above it. We love the large granite bar and find that the staff and patrons are very friendly. Here are 4 NEW Restaurants to check out in ! This type of restaurant was very new to this area but we knew people would grow to love it as we do in getting a unique dining experience. The decor, the ingredients, tapas style dining, all of these where far different than what people were used to in this area. June 1, Places To Visit Share: Try one of their gluten free breads with healthy spreads. Our dinner, however, was full of surprises. Another restaurant has opened in downtown Manchester, N. The pan seared scallops are one of their best dishes and the duck is roasted over a cherry sauce that is delightful. There are only two desserts.

Birch on elm manchester nh

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XO on Elm - Manchester, NH (Phantom Gourmet)

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