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Things are going pretty well for the pair until the younger man, Michael, discovers a disturbing truth about his older paramour. She's an intelligent computer operating system that just happens to have the voice of Scarlett Johansson. Due to a curse placed upon her family, Penelope has the ears and nose of a pig. Chocolat is a pure love letter to love Sleeping with Other People We love famous people. Jacob and Anna attempt to keep their long-distance relationship alive but then enters an interloper

Best tragic love movies

Romance, human attraction, and love are all a mystery. Things may not be what they seem, however, thanks to another secret Hanna is harboring. Lily James stars as British writer Juliet Ashton. McConaughey may or may not look back fondly at his history of romcoms but this one is unequivocally good and the best example of Hudson and McConaughey's respective charms. Well here you go, hypothetical reader with incredibly specific tastes. Carol channels that romantic energy into something mature, fascinating and heartbreaking. Kate Wilde and Luke Johnson are flirty coworkers at a craft brewery who decide to go on a joint trip with their significant others Chris Livingston and Jill Kendrick. It's a mostly improvised, simple story about relationships, jealousy and lots of great craft beer. Virtually every song ever written is a love song but poor romance can't get a fair shake at the movies. Things are going pretty well for the pair until the younger man, Michael, discovers a disturbing truth about his older paramour. Rossum and Butler have good chemistry as the leads and the film is a worthwhile update to a classic story. It's the story of how love can sometimes be derailed or destroyed by forces we absolutely wouldn't expect. Love Actually Love Actually is so closely associated with romance films, Valentine's Day, and Christmas that it's almost a self-parody at this point. Amelie is a French-language film about Amelie, a young Parisian movie who deals with her own sense of isolation by trying to better the lives of those around her. Belle heads off from her small French town to the Beast's castle to rescue her father. Amelie If you want a satisfying romance movie experience sometimes you have to go to Paris. Based on a book by the same name, Guernsey is a historical love story set in The Reader The Reader isn't just a punchline to Hugh Jackman's best joke while hosting the Oscars - it's also an excellent, achingly romantic movie in its own right. Harper and Charlie realize that their respective workloads might lesson if their bosses were more focused on their love life and less focused on work. God's Own Country British film God's Own Country is all about what happens when a sudden bolt of intimacy and sexual tension is introduced into a lonely, pastoral life. Though it certainly has its comedic and dramatic elements. And Theodore loves her back. Outside In We embrace every kind of love on our list of the best romance movies. Thankfully, 's Chocolat is one of the few pure romances. Set It Up is a fun, novel high-concept romance movie positively filled with chemistry on all sides.

Best tragic love movies

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Adele is a young Frenchwoman who likes to gossip about boys until one day she sees another young woman with blue hair walking past. The townspeople are distrustful of these sinful chocolates except for of course the mysterious Traveller Roux Johnny Depp.

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