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If they don't have strong creative outlets to share, or if only one of them does, then pressure can build. However, Leos also sometimes have a tendency to be vain, stubborn, and overbearing at times, and their pussycat exterior hides a temper that can be vicious if rubbed the wrong way. However, their evolutionary potential is quite powerful. Leos take great pride in everything, from their physical appearance, to their home and all their worldly possessions … sometimes even their partner, who they may show-off too, to their friends if they are not careful. These greathearted beings love children and are fun, creative parents, though a little short on discipline. She wants to be able to shine, to show herself with her new partner to the world. Leo will never tolerate someone disrespecting them. They collect friends like other people collect stamps, and Leo occupies center stage. A Leo born can also be too bold in their statements and expressed options, hurting others who are much more sensitive then they are.

Best mate for leo female

The moodiness of the Cancer male can be the biggest strain on romance with Leo. In this match it is important that Leo be true, do not put on a show for him. A Leo can't stand to see someone else getting attention if they are not! The two can be one of those classic relationships where the Cancer is the homebody who takes care of the nurturing and nourishment of the family while the Leo is the dynamic 'out-there' partner who goes out into the world to shine. Cancer admires Leo's warmhearted and intelligent nature. But in time they will learn to share and then their relationship will really grow. That's not to say the other signs are out of the realm of possibility. Their sex is amazing because they both want the same thing but they might argue over who is on top! They spare no expense when it comes to love, investing in the best of everything. Aries and Leo have a lot of things in common, such as their love for careers and creative activities. It is often said that Leo is self-involved, but when it is a Leo woman, her Sun is in Leo and it often represents the man she loves rather than herself. Leo will often feel as though he or she is living with two separate people when committing to Gemini. The positions of Venus, Mars, Neptune, and all the other planets at the time of birth all influence personality. Nor are they the best sexual match, each possessing a totally different outlook and energy level when it comes to sex. This match can be a fast paced romance or a first class friendship. But their dominant natures and egos will clash eventually and may be enough to break them up permanently. However, moving this relationship toward romance is not advised. Both signs are very outgoing, energetic, and enthusiastic about their interests. However, they have two very different approaches to the matter. The relationship between Leo and Gemini will have its ups and downs, but the ups will be worth the roller coaster ride. This is a pairing in which the two are generally very strongly attracted to one another. Truly, they can feel like halves of one whole person, always depending on what else may be going on in their charts. Any one of these lionesses likes to be given value, so assess the type and think about things that would show that she is the center of your world. They will quickly give money to those in need and have a genuine desire to assist people in their troubles. A match will almost always start as a very alluring friendship. When dating a Leo, money may as well grow on a secret money tree that only those who are Leo born know the whereabouts of, because that is how they spend it.

Best mate for leo female

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Her ability to give Libra stability while keeping up with his need for an exciting social life will help this match glide through rough waters. If their partner does not mind letting go of their ego, they will always be adored.

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