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Check them off throughout the day and add any other done tasks to track the things you accomplished outside your to-do list. Google Keep is built into Google Docs , too, so you can outline your next essay or list everything that needs done in a project then check those tasks off right from your document. Remember the Milk is extremely easy to learn to use, and the free version has all the functionality a single user needs. Project Management Apps A great to-do app for personal use, households, and even small teams doesn't need to be super complicated, the way project management software is, even though they both essentially serve the same function. This Evernote and Gmail-powered to-do list lets you import your Evernote notes that have reminders attached to them and turn your Gmail emails into tasks.

Best app to do

They also usually work great for stuff like grocery lists and recurring tasks like taking the garbage out every week. MinimaList can also keep you focused on your most important tasks. The company's own offering, the free Microsoft To-Do , has basic to-do functionality, but it lacks so much that the best apps offer that it's not really a competitor yet. We aren't a fan of reminders being a premium-only feature when most other to do list apps don't do that. It makes each task feel like a mini project that's easy to check off in steps. However, not everyone needs those features. You can download it for free to try it out. It also includes a tag system so you can easily sort your tasks, widgets, priority levels to differentiate more important tasks, and location reminders. There are no lists and no subtasks—just a pen-and-paper style to-do list. To-do apps keep track of tasks, assignees, deadlines, and even discussion points related to the tasks. I recommend starting with the free account to try it out, but make sure to consider the Premium features, as they really do add a lot of functionality and efficiency. The interface is reminiscent of Wunderlist but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Those looking for individual solutions should probably steer clear of this one. Tap the Now button, and your calendar and task lists will disappear, leaving only the task you're supposed to be doing right now and the next tasks after that to focus on today's work. Wunderlist was one of our original favorite to-do list apps—and its is an even simpler—and somewhat smarter—way to keep track of tasks. With a Premium plan, you can then share your lists with others and get reminded when you're near a location that a task needs completed. Click the round Google Tasks icon in the sidebar of the redesigned Gmail , and you'll find a simple to-do list where you can add tasks, drag in emails to turn them into tasks, and organize everything with sub-tasks and lists. Then, when you get your lists cleared out, Swipes will help you celebrate and tells you how many days in a row you've completed all of your tasks. Momentum Chrome, Firefox for simple to-dos in every New Tab Momentum isn't really a to-do list app—it's a Chrome extension that gives you the time, a photo of the day, and a daily quote, along with awesome little to-do list whenever you open a new tab in Google Chrome. Third, it's always nice to have the option to make lists collaborative. It's a unique way to list tasks, one that nudges you to get more done. At least for right now. It features a beautiful Material Design UI along with a bunch of other stuff. Asana is excellent for teamwork. You can start fresh, or import tasks from Outlook, Todoist, and Wunderlist and pick up your older tasks. A new list app from the developer behind Paperless —an app we'd called "the epitome of a Grocery List app for iOS"— Ikiru keeps Paperless' focus on simple lists while adding extra features to help you manage your tasks.

Best app to do

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Is Google Keep the Best To-Do List App? (How to Set Up)

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You don't need to keep track of billable hours when picking up milk on the way home from work, and you don't need Gantt charts to get your kids to do their chores. And with its integration with Google Calendar, you'll see due tasks along with your appointments for the day.

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