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A maximum of four links can be added. You can also enable and disable the filter based on the map extent. Service limit—The maximum number of records specified when the service is published. Add a Statistic data source Click Add new, and choose Statistics in the pop-up menu. Click the Set button to specify which fields will be retrieved. The Consume credits icon means the layer consumes credits. The following three options are available in the Number drop-down menu: Currently, only the Infographic widget has a configuration option to use the extra data source. There are two types of data sources you can add:

Bem vindo ao meu perfil

Click the Customize font style button to customize the font style for the subtitle of the app. Custom—The number of records you want to retrieve from the service. Read all details in our latest Sneak Peek! App state Check the App state check box to keep the map extent and layer visibility when you exit the app. Under Statistics, choose the group on which the statistics are based, and set fields on which the statistics are calculated, such as their sum, average, min, and max values. To remove the existing data source, click x. Click the Customize font style button to customize the font style for the title of the app. There are two types of subscriber content: Statistics stores the feature count of group data if specified and calculates the sum, average, maximum, and minimum values of the group if specified based on one or more numeric fields. Choose Layer in the pop-up menu. Read all details in our forums or head over to the test server to test the new feature for yourself! Layer is a subset data of a feature layer, table, or an image service vector layer. Flash player Dear Settlers, The latest versions of Chrome 69 deactivates the Flash plugin be default on all websites every time you close and open the browser. Map layers—If your app has premium service, it will be listed. Click Add new link to add a hyperlink to the banner, and provide a name and valid URL. You better take these to the Mayor's house pronto and lend a hand! Under Refresh interval, specify the refresh interval of the data source when applicable. When the application starts, expand your browser, if necessary, to see all of the above items, especially when the text size is large. Check out your in-game messages for a surprise After they had been driven out with their tails between their legs, Aunt Irma offered to replace all of the balloons; how she managed to blow them all up on her own, no one knows In the Set refresh interval drop-down menu, choose how you want the interval set for your data source. Check the Use proxy check box to allow public users access to a layer through your subscription. Feature layers, tables, and image service vector layers are supported, which can originate from a feature service, map service, or an image service. Choose a layer from the map or portal, or input a service URL. Extra data source The extra data source option allows you to configure custom data shared at the app level so all the widgets in the app can quickly access and respond to it simultaneously. Two new buildings Dear Settlers, The barracks is the heart of any military force - giving you valuable troops to both protect your home island and rout out encroaching enemy encampments. There are two types of data sources you can add:

Bem vindo ao meu perfil

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Bem vindo ao meu perfil

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Specify a name for the data source under Name.

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