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They have a fairly wide diet and can eat most things. Can bearded dragons hear? You can get bearded dragons from local pet stores, breeders, and sometimes you can even find bearded dragons in classified ads or on craigslist. They are unable to re-grow any part of their body, so if they lose their tail, it is not coming back. Can bearded dragons eat oranges? Please visit our diet page for a list of other vegetables bearded dragons can eat Learn what vegetables are safe for bearded dragons to eat..

Bearded dragon pineapple

Please visit our diet page for a list of other unsafe foods for bearded dragons Learn what other foods are unsafe for bearded dragons to eat.. Can bearded dragons eat spinach? Owners should also consider the nutrients contained in the food. Bearded dragons should never live with any other types of lizard. You will need to finely chop the celery before you feed it to your dragon. Bearded dragons can eat bananas, but you should only feed them a banana rarely. Generally bearded dragons do not smell if they are kept clean. They are also extremely sensitive to vibrations and will usually be able to detect someone's movement. Bearded dragons do well living with each other when they are young, however adult bearded dragons do best apart. Don't worry, even if you can't ever get him to eat raw salad, you can gut-load your crickets with salad before feeding them to him so at least he will gain some of his vegetable requirements in that way. Sometimes females will live together without any issues but males need to be alone. Can bearded dragons eat mushrooms? Sometimes it catches their eye and they come over to inspect it, and bite it, but sometimes they only want to look at it. Also, you only want to feed raw broccoli to your dragon. Remember, worms are fatty so only feed these as a treat to adult dragons. Every dragon is different, maybe yours will prefer one smell over another. Even if the lizards are not aggressive towards each other, the bacteria that may be normal to one could be lethal to the other. Yes, all lizards carry salmonella. Yes, bearded dragons have very useful vision to hunt for food. Do bearded dragons climb? The only way to know is to try and see! Stink bugs are highly pesticide resistant and could be carrying pesticide on their body which could be toxic for bearded dragons. Feeding vegetables and fruits that have strong or unique smells seem to attract a dragon's attention as well. Can bearded dragons live with other lizards? It is not recommended to feed mushrooms to bearded dragons because various mushrooms are highly toxic and lethal for beardies. Yes, bearded dragons can eat blueberries.

Bearded dragon pineapple

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Pineapple-shaped cotton candy that is next-level

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