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This allows plenty of space for the overwhelming amount of tourists -- and locals -- that park themselves along the sands. Known to the locals as Billies, it's located just over 30km from central Sydney. Small and enclosed on both sides by rocky cliffs, Bronte Beach is made for families and those wanting a more subdued beach experience Credit: Wind down the coastal road to Bilgola Beach. Look no further than Bilgola Beach. A post shared by Adam Powell theboyfromthebush on Jan 9, at Pack a snorkel too, the cove is known for hosting all types of sea life like gropers, octopi, rays, and more.

Beaches of sydney

Clovelly Beach Clovelly is different from all the rest in that one of its main appeals is not the light tan sand luring its visitors close, but rather, the large flat rocks sunbathing on. Ah Bondi, the queen bee of Sydney beaches Address: A post shared by Stephanie Stone stephaniestone on Jan 7, at 3: The sea at Bondi is not as rough as at many of the ocean beaches, but you should always remember to swim between the flags. Shoalhaven, Getting there: Many coastal walkers also cite this stretch of beach as being a favorite. During the week you see many mothers' groups congregating with take-away coffees on the grass, but what I love about Coogee Beach are the ocean pools to its south. A post shared by Sydney Nudist naturistsydney on Dec 25, at Skyscanner Australia can help you find the cheapest flight , book a hotel room , and hire a car. As with so many beach journeys in Sydney, it's worth a drive as you'll catch some breathtaking views along the way. Bondi Beach, Getting there: There is a little waterfall at the end of the track and a suspension bridge that adds a touch of old world to your swimscape. It's also the perfect spot for a sunset body surf. On public holidays, the park becomes a sea of frenzy as parties take place. The main beach is as fair dinkum an Aussie surf beach as they come, and the inlet at the north end has a magical quality you have to experience for yourself. Maroubra Bay, Getting there: Waves can dump close to the shoreline. Compare Flights to Sydney But in a region that has tens of beaches to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones are the best. Perfect for swimming and with many picnic spots, Coogee is one of those beaches that has something for everyone. Whether it's from the beach itself, or one of the nearby cafes, Manly is a pleasing place to catch a wave or simply to people-watch. The beach has nearby eateries as well as a playground, free parking, and toilet facilities. Remember to swim between the flags as the water can get rough. If Manly gets too crowded -- as is often the case -- then this is your nearby destination. The first time I came here was a few weeks after my first child was born.

Beaches of sydney

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These Are Australia's Best Beaches

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Since the beach is so large, there is almost always a secluded spot to throw down a towel away from everyone else.

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