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I turned around, went very close to him, so he could feel my soft skin, amazing body and most importantly perfect breasts push against him. I continued to tease him. But I pushed them away and told him that this was what he really wanted. First I grabbed his balls quite gently and started massaging it, talking to it. And it took only a few seconds before his dick started twitching and leaking. I let him down and he was crying like a baby. I reached down and grabbed a hold of his balls again. But how could I blame him? He had been going really crazy about seeing my perfect breasts for a while already, but that is something even my most faithful long-term slaves can not expect to see.

Ballbusting stories real

I put on music that turns me on, and got closer to him. So this is what happened with one of my long-terms. I was in the mood for fun and games with this slave. As I rammed my knee into his already destroyed balls the third time, he collapsed to his knees, too weak to struggle anymore. He stood there perfectly vulnerable. The lingerie was perfectly revealing just enough to drive his imagination wild about what was covered. I let my nails really dig into the skin of his balls. See, I am not interested of blowing your dick, but I will blow your mind. This time NOT so gently. A kiss after a kiss landing lower and lower on his body. He tried to cover his balls with his hands. He took a few steps and then turned around. And I can assure you, they certainly are something that will take your breath away. I turned around, went very close to him, so he could feel my soft skin, amazing body and most importantly perfect breasts push against him. I kicked him again, and as he was whingeing in agony about his poor balls, I undressed my upper body and stood there silently. I laughed and kneed him again. I let him down and he was crying like a baby. The scene was already intense and he started sobbing. I saw from his face that he was starting to really enjoy the situation. I kissed his body and started to go down. I wanted him to be desperate enough to give me permission to punish his balls in any way I saw fit. Some people say that with there is a thin line between pain and pleasure, but I was definitely going to teach him the difference between the two. It is a true treat for the worthy few, who are willing to bend over backwards and go the extra mile for it… Then maybe… just MAYBE I might consider letting you admire my perfect breasts for a moment. I drew back my foot and slammed it into his balls with full force and then let go of his hands. About 10 times, each time going just a little harder than before. I was standing on my highest heels, wearing only a seductive white lingerie. He was just squeezing his eyes in anticipation of the next kick in his nuts.

Ballbusting stories real

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Right in the nuts!

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I wanted to have some more fun, so I turned around and teased him even more with my luscious ass.

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