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But keep it as the last option while building a cool Gamertags. Therefore, try to be creative and use whatever you can to your advantage. Also, keep in mind that there is a fine line between sounding awesome and sounding like a complete idiot. If you want more attention, you can go for any name that sounds mysterious or suspicious. If your desired name is already taken, try adding your favorite numbers to the beginning or end of that name. Avoid the following things while framing good Xbox Gamertags. Referring to that game or something related to that game will help you have a cool Gamertag. You agree to follow those rules when you sign up for Xbox live account.

Awesome gamertags for guys

Frame a badass gamertag that is easy to memory so it will stick to the minds of other players. Use your real name. Therefore, you are going to learn how to come up with yours or modify some of the Gamertags listed above to create something more awesome. LilianaVess Tips on selecting the perfect Gamertag Some of these names, if available, will be taken in no time. Use cool words, animals, and colors! Mix capital and lowercase letters: Here, I have provided you a list of cool Xbox Gamertags. This is the reason why we want you have a good Xbox Gamertags. It will also look extremely douchey, so it's all about how you want others perceive you! One thing a guy might hate is getting killed or beat by a girl in an online match. Use one or two word that must be in your gamertag along with other characters. It can simply be anything that comes up in your mind. Use your first or middle name: Typically this is really lame, but if you pair the right ones together, you'll have an entertaining, and maybe even badass name! Hobbies can be anything like playing guitar, reading, singing, wrestling etc. If you want to be remembered, your first task is choosing a memorable name. Referring to that game or something related to that game will help you have a cool Gamertag. Establish Your Confidence Not Arrogance If you intent on tearing apart your competitor, you can go for it. Username of the gamer is the mixture of personal likes-dislikes and his attitude towards it. For example if you love guitar, choose a name like TwangerRanger 3. Play Around With Your Names You can use your part of your names like first name, middle name, last name or even your nicknames along with the combination of other names. Use your Favorite Number: If you prefer a hilarious username, use something along the lines of, CrazyAntMan. Mostly you can see this alert in the username section of the famous forums. You agree to follow those rules when you sign up for Xbox live account. In Xbox live, based on its availability you may use it as username or use it for reference. So make sure you are happy with what gamer tags you choose.

Awesome gamertags for guys

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Having a funny name will make others approachable. People tend to give more attention to suspicious or mysterious things.

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