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Looking left, then right. That hurts the circuits, you know? It's quite sad, really, despite her minor distaste for both of them. Hopefully Backfire has had his robo-tetnus shot! I didn't think it was this bad. He has the gist of it. For now the gumby medics are able to grab him. And so they've reassembled at the Main Facility, Fireback taps his foot impatiently. If only Mixmaster were here.


Having ventured to the planet Accilade-6, Cyclonus led a contingent of Decepticons to ascertain just -what- was done to his core and how they can fix him. You are aware what will happen if I find that you are Meandering over towards the table, Fireback checks some vitals and opens up Backfire's chest cavity. The Commander takes the sample from Scorn, analyzing it with a careful optic. Then at Scorn, and down to the head full of acid. Answering for Cyclonus, he drones, "Yes. Energon pump isn't pulling the goodness into his systems either. And so they've reassembled at the Main Facility, Fireback taps his foot impatiently. He might try to convince the other Decepticons otherwise, but it is as it is! They've had time to pick up most of what Backfire would have ruined. Taught me everything I know! A gumbie asides to Rampage, "What's TV? He wouldn't have survived after what that smaller guy did to him, so I made the best of both situations. Acid trickles into the system, but it seems Fireback's sacrifice was in vain.. He has the gist of it. As for Fireback, Shockwave doesn't immediately intercede to claim the mech's body. My first order was mandatory glitter camoflague. It'd be a display of strength, but apparently Scrapper and Carjack didn't see fit to seal it last time they pried it open. Some gumbie medics, or what passes for them, rush over towards Fireback's corpse. Cyclonus gives the gumbies an annoyed look before returning his attention to Fireback. His frame quickly fades to grey and black, falling off the table. If only Mixmaster were here. Damn, he was the BEST mentor ever. After all, his pad is in the middle of the sweltering Jungle. One dead simpleton for a live, somewhat less stupid simpleton. Can I take him back with us? Overture, we'll totally rule while working together on this.


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Standing quickly, he looks around nervously.

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