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After a uniform is classified as abandoned, the uniforms may be destroyed at the supply sergeant level. Anyway this is not my concern whether they are skilled or unskilled because it is up to the management of the postal system but I have funny story to tell you about keifan parcel delivery office which is still mystery unsolved to me till now. Except under extreme circumstances, i. I asked about the packet. What happens when my account is closed? Any unit that is found submitting an inflated PERSTAT or ordering more than allotted funds for each month will have their ADO account suspended and reported to the unit's higher command. Provide the following to your regional ADO Administrator via email to one of the below listed addresses: Do you believe on his big lie to get rid of me. The DA Form must be signed and accompanied by the assumption of command orders of the commander who originally opened the account.

Apo ae 09366

Packet posted from states to kuwait in delivered to Australia in ? After couple of weeks later I went to keifan delivery office and asked to check for arrival of the packet. I have tracked this parcel on usps website about posting. Jassam Al siraj who is director of this department. Unit should only be requesting items as needed. What does my unit do if we have not received an order in 14 days or more? It is the unit's responsibility to notify their regional ADO Administrator of changes to their redeployment window. Uniforms in the possession of redeploying Soldiers for six months or longer will be considered uneconomical to retrieve. If Soldiers do not have the capability to utilize the ADO program due to mission requirements, commanders can allow the unit's approving authorities to enter orders on behalf of those Soldiers. For every item ordered there should be an unserviceable item turned-in. Close ADO Account 1. You do not have to send an email to correct this problem. Uniforms are non-recoverable items for Soldiers after six months in a combat environment. Please email your regional ADO Administrator at one of the addresses listed above. He said this item was delivered to Australia in august She said here is his office but he is not in. In extreme circumstances where turn in of damaged uniforms may place Soldiers in harm's way, uniforms will be processed to be abandoned. The unit s account s will be deactivated according to the effective date on the memorandum; if there is no effective date it will be closed immediately. I asked her where I could find him. Iam thinking to contact Guinness book of record to put Kuwait post for listing as record holder This photo has taken on 17th of Jan. Your unit's funds will be available the following billing cycle. She said best thing is talk to the manager which is "mudeer turood al waridah". Provide the following to your regional ADO Administrator via email to one of the below listed addresses: I asked one of the ladies about this parcel then she said you could check these files. Enrollment paperwork must be submitted to your regional ADO Administrator by the 25th of each month in order to receive funding the following month.

Apo ae 09366

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It is up to the unit commander how these funds are used and managed so that all Soldiers are sustained properly.

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