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Below, three experts offer their opinion on the effectiveness of common aphrodisiacs and explain how each food got their reputation. Asparagus The humble asparagus spear is a powerful aphrodisiac - not only does it look a bit phallic but it also contains vitamin E, which makes you gorgeous think healthy skin , hair and nails and is also said to be a sex hormone booster. They can be in certain quantities, Hoppe said. Honestly, it works wonders! No, said Van Kirk, but the fruit is good for your general health.

Aphrodisiacs food

C is for cream and cucumber Cream Again, not an aphrodisiac by any merit of vitamin or mineral content, cream is here some people swear by it in food play. It sure sounds promising, but is it effective? Pumpkin Seeds More zinc! Unfortunately they aren't in season for Valentines Day but for some summertime sexiness you can't go far wrong. They're also a great source of instant and long-lasting energy - so have one before sex to give you the staying power to satisfy your significant other. Use dark chocolate with a high cocoa content as this is what makes the magic happen. Drinking too much, however, will not help your chances. It's got to be a good thing! For some people the idea of foodie foreplay is just a no-go, chocolate body paint won't float everyone's boat. It's thought that their spicy taste could stimulates the palate but as for anything else Experts give us the lowdown on so-called "sexy" foods. In the case of the banana it's also making an appearence due its levels of potassium and B vitamins which aid your sex hormone production. Coffee's actually on the list for its stimulating qualities but it's earned its reputation as a sexy beverage by the power of suggestion alone. C for chocolate and coffee Chocolate Nothing says "I love you" like a box of chocolates apart from maybe a diamond ring. Truffles are one of the most extravagant foods out there and this point alone is sometimes enough to turn a women on. T for truffles Truffles Expensive? They contain vitamin B6, which is said to increase production of male hormones, as well as potassium, which helps to regulate the female thyroid gland - not sexy but at least you'll look and feel pretty good. Save the asparagus, raw oyster and watermelon binges for a special weekend date. Are oysters really effective as aphrodisiacs? R for radish, raspberries and rocket Radish Egyptian pharoahs were all about radish when they wanted to up the anti in the royal chamber. F for figs Figs This one's for your partner - ask them to open a ripe fig and eat it seductively in front of you. They can be in certain quantities, Hoppe said. You can eat these toasted or raw and they're great on a sexy salad if such a thing should ever exist. Raspberries Succulent red fruits that are perfect for feeding to your lover and are especially good when dipped into melted chocolate - an aphrodisiac two-for-one! Even the NHS says aphrodisiac foods can help bring couples closer both physically and emotionally.

Aphrodisiacs food

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10 Best Natural Aphrodisiacs For Men That Actually Work

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