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A quick squirt of lube on her asshole was all it took to get her attention. As we walked around the beach, things started to heat up as we were touching and deeply kissing each other everywhere! His cock felt huge! He began sucking on my tits holding me tightly with one arm around my waist while his other hand was finger fucking me. He put lotion on my back and did give me a great massage. First Time Anal I have always been this adventurous woman when it came to sex and almost anything else, but anal sex scared me and seemed somewhat forbidden. As I was sticking my tongue in her ass, she had one orgasm after another.

Anul fuck

We are still together and anal sex has become a regular part of our sex life. I wanted so much to feel his hot throbbing cock in me He had waited so long. We had been having vaginal sex and oral sex for a while before then. I think I'm gonna surprise him on our wedding night and let him bareback me. He moved his finger all around my asshole, until I finally let out a moan. I rub my ass up against him, and my pussy gets all hot and wet, and then we usually have some great sex. After a few minutes of getting her ass used to being full, the cries of pain turned into moans of pleasure. I bit her as I jammed into her one last time. She rubbed her clit as I ass-fucked her for about 15 minutes. I really enjoyed my birthday present, and she must've too, because I went in her ass a few more times after that. A quick squirt of lube on her asshole was all it took to get her attention. With his legs, he spread mine slightly open and then with his finger searched for my asshole until he found it. I knew so many people who had done it before, but for some reason I remained an anal virgin until I met the right person to trust and I knew I had to try. I was extremely turned on and I felt so dirty, but I loved it. But don't be afraid to give us the juicy details: I was able to guess what it might be so I was almost hard with anticipation when I rang her doorbell. It was the most intense feeling ever. I began to lick her ass while I played with her pussy with my fingers. I managed to get her ass to grip my finger and said, "Do that to my cock and I will give you your cum like a good girl. I led him into the bedroom and told him to prove what a great massage he gave. I had to take a couple of minutes and then went back too. It took a few strokes, then I knew I had to cum in her, so for the next 30 seconds, as the men talked and pissed outside, I silently ass fucked my baby as hard and fast as I fucking well could, imagining it was her punishment for being a bad girl. He pulled the fingers out and I felt his cock head press against me. I was startled and he began to whisper into my ear I think now I'm addicted to assfucking. That produced similar results until she couldn't stand it any more and told me to go get the Astroglide.

Anul fuck

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As I came inside her it was the warmest most amazing thing ever. I bit her as I jammed into her one last time.

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