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For more information about it, go here. She helped her husband, a surveyor for the Alaska Aviation Division, make ends meet. Each year from then on, the number of teachers using the race has increased. There will always be unknowns. After purchasing a button-making machine, one of our favorite activities was making our own buttons with designs by each child.

Alaska pen pals

After he regaled me with stories about the Iditarod Race, its history and annual reenactment, I was hooked. Kathy is retired from teaching, but she still continues to share the Iditarod. In the meantime, we spent all kinds of time looking at Beth's two blogs here and here and marveling at all her beautiful photos. Although technology has changed the way teachers and students follow the race today the end results are the same. It will also be such a treat to just turn up and only have to think about avoiding spiders and scorpions, instead of the midges of Alaska… Spreadsheet love The lead up to the trip has been a fine balancing act between training and logistics. In the eighties, the completion of the race took longer, averaging more than eleven days compared to nine days today. Kathy wrote an article for the Learning Magazine. Both teacher and class reaped benefits from this teaching method and learned a lot from each other. The Iditarod continues as an important teaching tool, for Kathy and for thousands of teachers around the globe. We feel truly humbled by our partners who have aligned with the vision of the expedition and without whom this expedition would not exist. Photo by Florence Moore. The teachers are from private schools, public schools, and home school environments. Sometimes they would answer letters quickly, other times a year would go by. After purchasing a button-making machine, one of our favorite activities was making our own buttons with designs by each child. Again this year, our numbers of teachers and students are increasing! We made a videocassette of my Maryland students receiving their pen pal letters and each child said a few words to their new friend in Alaska. My workday always began at 6: You don't have to have a blog to join Foodie Pen Pals. For more information about it, go here. Her yearly presentation schedule includes schools where her grandchildren will be in the classroom audience. In truth, it was relatively easy to incorporate the Race into math, science, and language arts. When she finally landed a teaching position in Savoonga on St. First, we noticed the can of Alaskan silver salmon and the two types of salmon jerky original and peppered. Chris is a huge fan of salmon AND jerky, so this is right up his alley. Fortunately, there were many books published at that time about sled dog racing such as Stone Fox and Black Star, Bright Dawn.

Alaska pen pals

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