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I found this out from my co-workers. Let it be known that the citizens planned to bury those 67 persons on Sunday May 25th, but the martial law troops would not allow it. If you are curious about your own sexuality or want to learn more about sexuality in general be sure to read our blog. But this number is very hard to determine as the soldiers took away large numbers of people and bodies. Saturday was again quiet, and the atmosphere of the city was relaxed; people were hoping for the best. Chat online and learn more about each other before taking the plunge and hooking up in real life! This spurred by the information that a student had been bayoneted to death while trying to enter the campus. From Thursday, May 22nd until Monday May 27th I spent my time visiting the hospitals, translating for foreign reporters and in the Provincial Office Building with those people who were deeply involved and committed to what was going on.


I then saw it for myself. Thursday was a day of happiness, but also of worry, pain and sorrow but most of all a day of organizing. So from that point on I did not take any pictures. The night of May 16 the people of Gwangju approximately people held a candle light march from Gwangju Railroad Station to the Medical School of Chonnam University to show the wish for democracy. Of those that I know died the ages ranged form 4 years old to 67 years old, male, female, student and worker. If they slowed at all they were beaten. To show the citizens of Gwangju the death and the horror that they were hearing about were real. They were used because they had to prove their loyalty to the government and it was assumed that they would be harder on their own people. On May 15, the students throughout Korea had agreed to return to the campuses and to stop demonstrating. The beating appeared to be indiscriminant. One of the demands of the martial law command was that all bodies were to be retained for autopsy. The morning of May 21st all public transportation to Gwangju was stopped. I arrived on the outskirts of Gwangju at about 3: I found this out from my co-workers. Let it also be known that the citizens committee wanted a peaceful settlement. That morning when Chonnam students attempted to enter the campus martial law soldiers denied them access. Some had to be thrown on to the trucks, as they appeared to be un-conscience. They stated that the reason that they were doing what they were doing, the violence, killing and mistreatment of the citizens was that they were ordered to and that those involved were all communists. The troops were also shooting up the street so as to keep everyone off of Geum Nam Ro. The gunfire was sporadic and did not seem to be directed at anyone. On Thursday I would visit the major hospitals where I would se those wound by the fire from the helicopters. Are you looking to settle down with someone you can spend the rest of your life with? I was able to catch a bus to Naju and from Naju walked to Gwangju. Then for no discernable reason the martial law troops started shouting at the students and the crowd of onlookers. As we neared downtown I heard a helicopter approaching, with its approaching sound I saw the people in the streets running for cover. It will feature announcement, updates, news, events, commentaries, reflections, experiences, and just plain messages or greetings.


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