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The [London] equivalent of the charity 5k runs are things like Sky's [flat] 25 mile rides around London - entry level rides for all shapes, sizes and ages. That being said, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that my bike has never been properly fitted to me a six foot female. Over and above that: After that, uh, ride your bike. I do fifteen miles a day just as my commute, in the New Orleans summer, and I do it in jeans and a tank top with a 30 pound bag on my back, on an old secondhand bike that I paid nothing for. It is an 8 week plan and quite gentle. My favorite thing about cycling as opposed to running is that you can build purpose into it. This year I started running and getting in shape and even ran a half marathon. It is typically the ascent that drives up the fitness requirements, not just the distance.

5km jeans

Do you see yourself ever riding with a group, or in any kind of organized event? So first order of business - bicycle shorts, helmet, a bicycle that fits you, with a saddle of reasonable quality, water bottle carriers and appropriate reflectors, lights and so forth. Before you know it you will find yourself being able to push harder gears while maintaining the same RPM. In terms of preparation and fitness, mile rides the top end of most sportives with a reasonable level of ascent are considered to be the equivalent of marathons. It is an 8 week plan and quite gentle. Most people who are reasonably fit can ride a couple miles. Get a widget to show you true mileage and your pace so you can gauge progress. It's not just like, "go outside and be in pain for half an hour. I don't know that there's an equivalent of C25K for cycling, because getting from 0 to "pretty comfortable" is a much lower learning curve than it is in running. That is not how a lot of people like to ride, but it works for me. If you can keep a steady RPM of around 60 - 70 most of the time this would greatly aid the speed at which you become cycling fit, and will increase your strength and stamina which you can then build on. It's not like running where you get that "I can't go on anymore! In cycling, padded shorts remove the first thing people get uncomfortable with and are worth it. Five isn't really that hard, especially if you're riding 2. How far are you looking to ride, and under what circumstances? I've just recently purchased a bike after 20 years of not riding one. Especially for someone starting out running 5km. I also always check http: Point being, try a well fitted bike because I think it may seriously improve your ability to bike. But I started biking a lot this summer to get myself into shape, and a big thing that's helped is using the Strava app for my Android phone also on iOS. It's much easier for your body to recover from heavy breathing high cadence than heavy movement from mashing on the pedals. If you are in fact the implied couch potato, century training is a long way off, and it's a good idea to gradually work up your heart and your lungs as much as it is your legs. A good guide is to aim for 50 miles with m of ascent and 1 or 2 stops as a 10k equivalent. It is typically the ascent that drives up the fitness requirements, not just the distance. This assumes you have little cycling fitness at all. The iOS app or one of the podrunner mixes intended for running can still give you good intervals. Keep doing this daily or every other day until the distance starts to feel like nothing.

5km jeans

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5km jeans

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That being said, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that my bike has never been properly fitted to me a six foot female.

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