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While kissing parents, grandparents, siblings and other family members is usually socially acceptable, you probably don't want your child kissing his friends and peers. Ipatenco holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in education, both from the University of Denver. Tell us about it below! It's just a kiss! I realized that it was crazy and that a kiss between two kindergarteners wasn't the fast road to a staring role on MTV's Teen Mom, but in my eyes, in that moment, it was all the same. It's usually acceptable for siblings to kiss each other. How have you dealt with the kissing issue with your young child?

5 graders kissing

Teacher Erin Kids are experimenting and playing kissing games more and more these days Howdy Teacher Erin! This encourages the idea that our romantic partners are our friends, too. Although I wasn't thrilled about the thought of her getting smooched on the playground, I wanted her to feel like she could tell me without being punished or scolded for how she was feeling or how she reacted. It's usually acceptable for siblings to kiss each other. And, finally, this behavior is a totally typical part of childhood sexual development and if you all stay calm, remind them of the rules about touching, chasing and flashing, this too shall pass. According to KidsHealth, many children are exposed to the Epstein-Barr virus, which causes mild flu-like symptoms in young children, but can develop into mononucleosis, or mono, in older children. Children enjoy being kissed because it means that someone cares about them. For example, you might think a quick peck on the lips is acceptable for your child to share with a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but other types of kissing are not. Feb 19, at 3: Because kissing can lead to other sexual acts, it's essential to speak with your child about what's acceptable in your family and what's not. Tell us about it below! Most little children don't connect kissing with sexuality; they simply see it as a way to tell a friend how much they care. I want to teach them what is appropriate in a school setting without putting taboo on the whole situation. Pin It wasn't until later that evening that my feelings about her potentially being kissed on the playground sunk in. For the first time ever, I have a class that is very interested in the opposite sex and the beginning of sexual exploration and behaviors. I also wanted to teach her that she was in control of her own body and that if she didn't want to be kissed by this little boy she seemed pretty indifferent to it, honestly , that she had the right to say so. Dangers of Kissing Kids harbor germs. Do you have any ideas you would recommend for me to use with the children and resources that I can pass on to the parents? Tell your child your expectations so you're on the same page when it comes to kissing. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Janie, in her own 6-year-old voice, reiterate everything that I had been feeling — she wasn't any more ready to launch into the kissing scene than I was and she candidly told me how she felt about kissing, letting me know that the only people she wanted to kiss her were Mommy and Daddy and sometimes her sister at bedtime. That sends the message that kissing is acceptable and that it's something people do to show love. Adolescents and teens are more likely to engage in kissing and other sexual behaviors if their friends dare them to or if they feel that everyone is doing it, notes John T. Older children and teens want to experiment so it'll likely take more conversations to get your message across. If your child has been caught kissing another child, it's probably not something to worry about too much, but it does warrant a conversation with him. I wanted to protect her from the opening of Pandora's box that I saw an innocent kiss leading to. Children this age also know the facts about sex, so they can be more likely to give it a try. In almost all cases involving little children, that kiss is innocent and is simply a way for a child to show how much he cares for his friend, according to the Women's and Children Health Network.

5 graders kissing

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When your child kisses another child, she's also at risk of catching other viruses, such as those that cause cold sores or fever, according to KidsHealth. This is happening more and more these days — kids are experimenting and mimicking adult-like sexual behaviors more and more these days.

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