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After , Kingswood passenger cars were cancelled—replaced by the downsized Commodore. By the end of , the Sandman had largely lost its place in the contemporary Australian youth culture—order figures were down and many of the vehicles were now being sold with the stripes and tailgate logos deleted. Sandmans were visually identified by stick-on vinyl decals on the exterior. The last Holden to wear the Kingswood badge was one of the variants of the WB series utility released in HJ saw the Belmont name disappear off utilities and panel vans to be replaced with an "unbadged" specification. Some HJ series Premier based vehicles were assembled by Mazda in Japan, which fitted with the company's rotary engine. Holden, in introduced the Sandman, a version of the utility or panel van designed to incorporate many of the features of the Monaro , such as sports instrumentation, sports steering wheel and bucket seats , and "rally" road wheels with a choice of two six-cylinder and two V8 engines.

1971 monaro

In addition, a Kingswood panel van was introduced to the range of commercial vehicle offerings. The fuel crisis along with a worsening financial situation, partly cause by the decision to build the HQ in right-hand drive only, thus limiting the previously highly profitable left-hand drive exports, meant that the project was eventually abandoned. Holden HQ The HQ series of was a completely new design, introducing larger capacity cubic-inch 2. It was sold as a right hand drive in South Africa as the Chevrolet Lumina. Camira and Commodore, and imported Isuzu commercial product. Sandmans were visually identified by stick-on vinyl decals on the exterior. During the course of the HX series, front bucket seats were adopted as standard equipment for Kingswood-badged vehicles. The Sandman ute was phased out of production prior to the van, the last of which was manufactured around October The Constantia station wagon was a new model for It came in three distinctive GT models depending on engine power. Some were exported to a few Southeast Asian markets Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and marketed in their respective markets. The further optional components also included 5. Eventually, the WB project was condensed into a major upgrade of the luxury Statesman models and a facelift of the HZ-series commercial models with new headlights, tail lights, grilles and the updated Holden "Blue" six-cylinder engine 4. The inline-six was modified for better economy, [19] but sales never climbed to their previous levels after the oil crisis. However, at least one commentator [21] has described it as a 'flop' because of its poor US sales. RTS made significant changes to the suspension of the car, greatly improving the handling finesse, while at the same time not compromising ride quality. The last Holden to wear the Kingswood badge was one of the variants of the WB series utility released in It featured a perimeter frame and semi- monocoque unibody construction, and was the first full-size Holden to have coil spring rear suspension. Although the WA and WB projects at Holden were meant to have resulted in all-new full-size cars, the fuel crisis and cost-cutting meant the scope of changes became more limited each time. The is based on the Statesman , itself an extended length version of the HQ Premier. Production of the entire WB-series finished in when Holden announced they were vacating local production of large luxury and commercial vehicles—due to economics—to concentrate on their medium car range, i. Released in , the HJ series received some major frontal appearance styling changes, taking away some of the "softness" of the HQ cars. The Constantia name was in reference to the grand Groot Constantia wine estate, with its world-famous gabled Cape-Dutch homestead featuring as the model's emblem, while Kommando referred to the Boer Commando squads during the Anglo-Boer War. During the course of the HZ series, equipment levels were upgraded in effectively to match improvements in the opposition Ford Falcon range, but the life of the Kingswood looked set to end following Holden's release of the VB Commodore range of sedans and wagons in November This resulted in a loss of performance across the range and the deletion of the 2. The Kingswood was now available on utility only with the panel van joining the One Tonner, but the 5. GM instead utilised the then forthcoming Opel Rekord , which was significantly re-engineered and released as the Commodore in with Holden's own powertrains.

1971 monaro

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1971 Chevy SS (HG Monaro)

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In the eyes of the Australian press, the scoops have spoiled the lines, [23] while the American media seemed to accept them.

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